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Tuesday, 19 May 2009 13:38


"And if Allah touches thee with affliction, none can remove it but He: But if He bestows upon you a favour, remember that He is the Possessor of every power to do all that He wills."
(Qur'an 6:17)



MPAC launched the Sakinah Project to provide world class care and treatment for indigent and needy Muslim and non-Muslim members of the society that apply for such assistance. The Sakinah Fund provides you a chance to have a personal impact on others. To be someone's dream and the means to realize the dream. The Project and the Fund are dedicated to serve humanity. So, surprise a sick  person today with your professional skills or make a generous donation to change and improve lives. HOPE, LOVE & PEACE. Helping Families Realize the Dream of All of These.......and More.




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Sister Rahma Sani

Sister Rahma Sani, a Medical Social Worker with a Teaching Hospital in the country. In 2005, sister Rahma was diagnosed with cancer of the breast for which she had Surgery same year and subsequently chemotherapy and radiotherapy at ABU Teaching Hospital Zaria. About May this year following complaints of difficulty and pains on walking she was discovered to have a growth of the cancer cells in her spine. MPAC-Sakinah took up this case and she received treatments abroad.


Imran Tajudeen

A 39-year old teacher from Iseyin in Oyo State. Diagnosed as having pituitary tumor (brain tumor) at UCH Ibadan and urgently needs surgery to remove the tumor. Brother Imran successfully received treatments for his tumor abroad.




Musbau Abdulkareem

Spinal Cord injured patient on physiotherapy at home. Specialized electric wheelchair from China was ordered and fully paid for by MPAC.

Issa Sururat
The case of baby Sururat is equally disturbing. The child was diagnosed as having Brain Cancer at the age of 14 months. She is presently on admission at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital Ilorin. The child has had one brain surgery and will require further surgery in the same hospital. MPAC – Sakinah has paid the total amount requested for the treatment of the child (N100,000.00). Baby Sururat is still critically ill. We all pray Allah grants relieve of the sickness for the child.

Bilikis Jimoh
The 50-year old sister Bilikis was diagnosed has having Breast Cancer and underwent surgical treatment at the General hospital in Lagos. Because of the nature of her disease she was to have further treatment in the form of radiotherapy at EKO Hospital, which will be delivered at different times. She requested for financial assistance from MPAC. The MPAC– Sakinah assessed the case and has paid for the full course of radiotherapy treatment at EKO Hospital.  May Allah grant her quick recovery, amin. The sum of N104,000.00 was spent on this case.

Salami AbdulRahman


5-months old Abdulrahman was diagnosed of having a complex  Septal Heart Defect from pregnancy through abdominal scan done on the mother at Ayinke House,ikeja (LASUTH).  At delivery the baby (Abdulrahman) was noticed to have difficulty in breathing. He was admitted at the General hospital (LASUTH, IKEJA, CHILDREN WARD) at children ward for further medical attention. Echocardiography was done which confirmed the complex nature of the heart defect. The defect cannot be corrected in Nigeria.  


Due to effective collaboration between MPAC and United for Kids Foundation, UKF, the boy and his mother were transported to India where his condition was diagnosed as a very complex form of congenital heart disease and he would need both heart surgery and artery banding. ‘The operation will be complex and high risk’ said the doctors. Please pray for the boy for full recovery.

 Blay Testimony

Testimony is a 4-month old male infant delivered to a mother of two from Cross River State. He developed Neonatal Sepsis (infection) with jaundice shortly after birth and was treated at pediatric department of University of Lagos Teaching Hospital. While on admission at the hospital he was diagnosed as having post-infective Hydrocephalus, a condition that results in progressive enlargement of his head with compression of the brain. Testimony was referred to the Neurosurgeons in the same hospital for further treatment.  Due to lack of finance the father abandoned both child and mother and the mother resulted to selling personal belongings to source fund for treatment of the baby. The MPAC– Sakinah team took over the initial investigation and treatment expenses of the baby. Blay has been discharged and we pray for quick recovery of the child. About N200,000.00 was expended on this case.



The brother is a 41 years old father and a victim of a Road Traffic Accident (RTA where his spinal cord was fractured. He received support from the Government hospital in Lagos and thereafter he was discharged for rehabilitation. MPAC’s Sakinah Project has provided him with 6 months of paid physiotherapy services, a water bed, consumables and access to spine surgeon. We have also committed to providing him with a powered wheelchair to aid his movement during recovery and rehabilitation.


Oyesiji Hadiat

The case of Sister Hadiat from Ogbomosho, a 19 years old 100 level student from LAUTECH is a worrying one. This young lady in her prime age was again a sad victim of RTA where she sustained a spinal cord injury. She will require long rehabilitation according to her doctor at LUTH. MPAC’s Sekhina Project, the Muslim Welfare Fund and MSS LAUTECH have played good roles and taken the lead in providing the sister with consumables, water bed as well as placing an order for a power wheelchair for her use. Please remember sister Hadiat in your dua.


Umar Abdulmalik

Last year we received application on brother Umar- a 28 year old from Kogi state- with Urethral stricture following RTA, the Sakinah team were on top of it and made several contacts. The brother was eventually booked into the Crescent Gold Crown Hospital in Ilorin where alhamdulilah he successfully went through a fully paid for surgical operation. He is today insha Allah returning back to normalcy and has had the tube inserted into him for a long time removed. We urge you to please remember him in your dua. He has been discharged from hospital and recuperating well. Please pray for his full and speedy recovery.


Donate to the Sakinah Fund

Kindly donate generously to the Sakinah Fund and help more people that are already on the waiting list. You may donate Zakat money into this Fund as money collected into the Fund shall be used exclusively for the sick who need help- insha Allah.

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NAME:                              MUSLIM PUBLIC AFFAIRS CENTRE (MPAC)

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They ask thee what they should spend (in charity). Say: Whatever you spend that is good, is for parents and kindred and orphans and those in want and for wayfarers. And whatever you do that is good, (Allah) knoweth it well. [Holy Qur'an 2:215]




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