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Privacy Policy

As a provider of SoulMates services, MPAC wants you to feel comfortable searching and exchanging information on our site. We realize the importance of feeling safe online and are fully committed to ensuring that your privacy is respected and protected. Our privacy policy below outlines the type of information we typically request of you while you are within the MPAC Matrimonial (Nikah) service, the SoulMates, as well as ways in which we process and, sometimes, disseminate information collected from you.

Information Provided By You.
Members and guests who apply for the various services the site offers are required to supply such information that includes, but may not limited to, email address, Screen name, User name, a user-specified password, Gender, Country and Birth date. These are mandatory personal information needed for us to provide a personalized service to you.

Dissemination of Information
MPAC collects information from members primarily to ensure that we are able to fulfill your requirements and to deliver personalized experience. The information collected from any members is not shared with any individual, including amongst MPAC staff, or organization without the former’s approval.

MPAC does not sell, rent, or loan any identifiable information at the individual level regarding its members to any third party. Any information you supply are held with the utmost care and security as a trust.

Contacting You By e-mail
MPAC may use your e-mail address for any purpose for which you provided it. In addition to this, we may also use it to respond to feedback given about our services, to provide you with any information you request, to confirm receipt of e-mails you have sent to us or if we need to contact you for any reason.

Our main email products and services will normally include: Member responses to your profile, occasional newsletters updating you of the latest features on our site and announcements of special events which MPAC is associated with.

Please note that you may, at any time, choose to independently manage your subscriptions to one or more of the above (i.e. except default features on your profile).

How Do We Protect Your Personal Information?
High technology is used to ensure your sensitive information is secure and is protected from unauthorized access or improper use. Your personal password is confidential and is encrypted to ensure its secrecy. With your password, you are able to edit your personal details via the Member Control Panel page.

Pointers To Protect Your Privacy
Always close your browser and log out once you have finished surfing the net to prevent other people gaining access to your information and correspondence. MPAC has no control over other web sites we may link to, and we take no responsibility for the conduct of these websites.

Always read the Terms and Conditions when using other web sites. Keep your passwords and your member details secret. If unauthorised access of your account occurs please inform us immediately at info@mpac-ng.org .

Frequently Change Your Password
Posting of personal contact information is prohibited on SoulMates for your own safety. We take no responsibility for any personal contact information disclosed to other members in our network. Personal information includes information such as full names, telephone numbers and home addresses. Beware- if you voluntarily disclose personal information it may be collected and used by others. So, take precaution!

Be careful if you arrange to meet someone you have met online. Remember that people who engage in online communication may not be who they seem. If you do arrange to meet someone, make sure you meet them during the day or in a crowded place and have a close friend or family member accompany you . Make sure you tell family members where you are going and what time you expect to return in case you choose to go in the company of a close friend. Refer to Safety Tips for additional information. Adhere to the etiquette dictated by Islam and restrain the tongue (and the pen or writing is regarded as one of the two “tongues”). The Qur'an reminds us again and again that all our words are recorded and we shall be held accountable for our words as well as our deeds on the Day of Judgment. (See Al-Ahzab 33:70; Qaf 50:18). Also, Allah says in Surah Al-Israa' verse 53; “And say to My slaves (i.e. the true believers of Islamic Monotheism) that they should (only) say those words that are the best. (Because) Shaytan (Satan) verily, sows a state of conflict and disagreements among them. Surely, Shaytan (Satan) is to man a plain enemy.”
Lastly, pray to Allah to help both of you to remain chaste, pure and modest. Here are a few supplications ( du`aa' ) you may do well to recite on a regular basis:

Allahumma tahhir qalbi wa ahsin farji . (O Allah, cleanse my heart [of all traces of fornication] and help me to remain chaste and pure.)

Rabbi, qinee sharra basaree. Rabbi, qinee sharra sam`ee. Rabbi, qinee sharra lisaanee. Rabbi, qinee sharra maniyyee. (Meaning: My Lord, guard me against the evils of my eyes. My Lord, guard me against the evils of my ears. My Lord, guard me against the evils of my tongue. My Lord, guard me against the evils of my private parts.)

Allahumma aghnini bi halaalika `an haraamika wa bi ta`atika `an ma`siyatika wa bi fadhlika `amman siwaaka. (Meaning: O Allah, make me self-sufficient with that which You have decreed as halal for me so that I don't need to resort to that which You have made haram for me; and let Your obedience suffice me so that I am not forced to disobey You; and let Your favor suffice me so that I am not compelled to seek favor from anyone else.)


We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time based on your comments or as a result of a change of policy at MPAC. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please write in to privacy@mpac-ng.org .

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