2017 MPAC Scholarship Opportunities at the Madina Institute, South Africa



In its 2nd year of running the scholarship scheme, MPAC is seeking applications from interested and qualified candidates (male and female) into the prestigious Madina Institute of South Africa. The scholarship (15 available positions) will be a one year intensive in Ūşūl-ud-Dīn for suitably qualified Nigerian students who already have minimum of first degree (or equivalent), in any field.

Madina Institute offers this ground-breaking, one year intensive Ūşūl-ud-Dīn (Foundational Scholarship of Islamic Sciences) programme to develop leaders who are schooled in the five foundational sciences of Islam.


• Qur’anic Sciences (‘Ulūm-ul-Qur’an)

• Sunnah Sciences (‘Ulūm -ul-Hadῑth, Sῑrah, Shamā’il)

• Jurisprudential Science and its Foundation in the four Madhāhib/Schools of Thought (‘Ulūm-ul-Fiqh wal Uşūl)

• Islamic Creed, Philosophy and Logic (Imāniyyāt /‘Ilm-ul-Aqīdah wal Mantiq)

• Spiritual Sciences and Purification of the heart (‘Ilm-u-Tazkiyah wal Ihsān)


There will also be a daily Intensive in the Arabic language to enable students negotiate classical texts (‘Al-Lughāt-ul-Arabiyyah)

MPAC is providing these scholarship positions (tuition and accommodation only) to enable the graduates of the programme to become well-rounded positive contributors to the Nigerian society, and world at large. 

If you are already working and wish to take a year break to study Islam, or you wish to spend a year on this interesting journey before starting a career, please

1. Email your CV to scholarship@mpac-ng.org 

2. Complete the following Questionnaire: https://www.allcounted.com/s?did=3oabx90poboah

The above two application processes are compulsory for all applicants. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interviews. Application closes on 31/12/2016, in shaa Allah.


MPAC Scholarship Student Shines at Madina Institute, South Africa



MPAC scholarship student at the Madina Institute (MI), a premier destination for Islamic education in which Muslims from all backgrounds can engage in traditional Islamic teachings, has done us proud by emerging one of the three best students at the end of her studies in South Africa this month. Hind was offered scholarship position by MPAC to the 1-year Intensive Usul-ud-Din and Arabic programme at the Madina Institute in 2015 after an intensive and transparent selection process. Hind is from Taraba State (she had her first degree in Nigeria and Masters in the UK) and applied for the scholarship after she saw our advert. According to her, the Madina Institute experience has been a fantastic experience for her, one she will never forget.

During MPAC leadership team’s visit to South Africa in July, the MI management informed us that Hind had become a shining star within the community and was on her way to emerging one of the best students. As a result of her very brilliant performance and conduct, Hind has now been offered a 4-year scholarship to do advance studies at the MI campus in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

Hind (middle in the picture) has made us all very proud and her example will inspire other scholarship students we will be sending to South Africa to show them what is possible when they study hard. We congratulate Hind for this brilliant performance. We hope she had an enjoyable graduation and wish her a bright future.

We pray that Allah (SWT) will protect all the students and grant them knowledge that will benefit them and others in this world and in the hereafter, amin.








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