Be an Advocate. At some point in every initiative, you may need to contact the policymakers and begin the long process of getting the policy enacted. Also, you may have a need or concern about how our local, state or federal governments are run.It is important for you to contact public policy makers in order to advocate for positive change.

1. Public policy makers are people who work at local, state and federal levels of government. They establish the rights and standards for entire communities. Our votes place public officials in office and it is their duty to serve all citizens. It is our responsibility to actively engage in the governing of our cities and states so we can hold policy makers accountable to address the issues impacting our communities.

2. When approaching elected officials, it is important to be clear about what you want. This does not need to be as detailed as a drafted piece of legislation. A simple, straightforward sense of what’s wrong and what you would like to see changed will do for a start. Try to become familiar with budget and revenue mechanisms so you will have a sense of how your proposal might be funded.

  • For tips on how to lobby policymakers, check the following resources.


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