MPAC presents a groundbreaking “Coaching Masterclass”- an MPAC Campus Project.

MPAC Masterclass is debuting this year in place of the MPAC Convention. The Masterclass programme is a unique initiative of MPAC that will be coordinated under the MPAC Campus project.

MPAC Campus is an MPAC Young Leaders Programme that is dedicated to helping Muslim youths to learn skills, acquire knowledge, develop, grow and realise their full potentials.

The Masterclass is a programme designed to engage our youth in a very challenging and stimulating environment with opportunities for learning from accomplished Muslim professionals, thought leaders and experts in various fields and specialisations.

The two-day programme is conceptualised to equip our youths with the knowledge, skills and confidence that are required to compete in today’s globalised world and fast changing business environment. This coaching, mentoring and leadership development programme for undergraduates and graduates of not more than 35 years is structured under three broad themes: Career, Entrepreneurship, Spiritual.




The MPAC Masterclass comes up on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th December 2015 at the LCCI Conference and Exhibition Centre, 10, Nurudeen Olowopopo Drive, Beside Marwa Gardens, Alausa, Lagos.

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