The Triangle Effect
When planning activities for youth, you must keep in mind the fact that all youth are not interested in the same things. There will be some youth who are interested in having Islamic study circles where they learn about the Qur’an, Seerah, etc.
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Difference of Opinion
The most talked about topic amongst the Muslims is undoubtedly the issue of unity. The manifestation of disunity and proliferation of problems is there for all to see. Difference of opinion is seen by some to be the main cause for this.
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Organizing A National Coalition
Coalitions and alliances are important to the survival of many social movement and political lobbying. Coalitions, being simply groups of organizations or individuals that come together to
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Engaging The Media
When you are organizing a demonstration or similar public event, it is of crucial importance that you have some basic skills in dealing with the media. First, one or two official spokespersons should be appointed to be the primary representatives of
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