SoulMates: The MPAC Matrimonial Service
Nikkah is my Sunna. He who shuns my Sunna is not of me – Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
So you have decided that you want to find that special someone, the person that makes you feel complete and gives you an opportunity to complete your faith, looking forward to each and every day. The first step is taking advantage of your resources- dua, expanding your visibility, and then a bit of luck.
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MPAC E-Cards
You can send various ecards to your friends & family members during Eid, Wedding, any special events or even any inspiring messages from Al-Quran.
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MPAC Photo Gallery
Various Image collections
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MPAC Newsletter
MPAC is an incorporated public service agency working for Muslim Defence, Muslim Empowerment and for promoting individual liberties, religious, civil and political rights of Muslims. MPAC is equally devoted to promoting the integration of Islam into the Nigerian pluralism, for a positive and constructive relationship between Nigerian Muslims and other elements in the society; building the Nigerian Muslim constituency to become an influential component in the Nigerian and world politics, at all levels of policy-making arena; and making Islamic ethical values available to the Nigerian political process. As an experienced and independent voice within the Nigerian Muslim community working for the good of the society, MPAC operates on the core Islamic values of justice, mercy, human dignity, freedom and equality for all.
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