“The Believers in their love, mercy and feelings for each other are like one body: if one part feels pain, all the other parts feel pain by fever and sleeplessness.” (Bukhari #5665 & Muslim #2586)


As the water of the flood that forced hundreds of thousands of Nigerians from their homes and washed away hundreds more recedes, it’s terrible impacts will remain with us for a long time to come. MPAC’s thoughts and prayers are with those who have been impacted and still suffering from the aftermath of the great flood. Helping those in distress and fulfilling people’s needs indicates strong faith and sincere brotherhood. The chivalrous and magnanimous cannot endure seeing anyone in distress, and without any hesitation or delay they hurry to assist the distressed, voluntarily seeking the reward of Allah The Almighty. We therefore urge you to give generously to reputable relief organizations who are helping serve those in need.

In his personal appeal, Dr Pat Utomi wrote the following:


The floods visited on Nigeria by nature have caused untold human suffering. Sitting down in cities far away from the disaster it is not so easy to understand the deep human suffering that is going on but know that this is the worst disaster that has befallen Nigeria since the Civil War! I tell you that whole towns have been submerged and there are people who have not eaten for days. Now, with floods come diseases. And we must help. If you live in Nigeria and can donate relief materials, I will arrange to have them transported to the victims. Please send materials to Pat’s Nigeria Flood Relief Effort-6 Balarabe Musa Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos. For those living in North America, please send to 660 Shrewsbury Drive, Clarkson, Michigan, MI 48348. For those living in Europe an address will be supplied in due course. Even if you have nothing to give, at least share this message.

Don’t just comment and stop there. Share this message with all your friends till it reaches someone who has a little to give. God bless you as you remember those in need”.


Perhaps his depiction of the incident as “worst disaster that has befallen Nigeria since the Civil War” will enable most of us understand the real magnitude of this particular tragedy. The Co-Chairman of the National Committee on Flood Relief and Rehabilitation, Alhaji Aliko Dangote,  says his committee plans to generate N100 billion for flood ravaged states and flood victims. There are many ways you can help reach this target and help many families whose lives have been adversely affected. MPAC urges Mosques/Islamic organizations and Muslim individuals to continue playing leading roles in helping all those that are caught in this crisis as their Islamic duty to those in need. We owe a duty to our fellow citizens as it can be clearly seen in this hadith:


Helping those in distress is a rewardable charity. In a Hadeeth on the authority of Abu Moosa Al-Ash‘ari  the Prophet  said: “Giving charity is an obligation upon every Muslim.” He was asked, “O Messenger of Allaah, what about the one who does not find something to give?”’ He said: “Let him work with his hands and give in charity.” He was asked, “What if he still does not find anything to give?” He  replied: “Then let him assist those in need and in distress…” 




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