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Our vision in the media relations is to prevent and cure Islamophobia. A vision where the abused are no longer seen as the criminal, a community when attacked can defend itself, a society where our children can grow up and wear the headscarves and not be victimized by it in the media. A COMMUNITY THAT ACTS AS A UMMAH RATHER THAN TALKS AS ONE ALONE.

If you have been upset about negative, biased portrayal of Islam and Muslims in the media? Don’t just get angry, do something practical about it… get involved. Report it and then make your views heard. You have a right of response and do not allow apathy to take this right away from you. Remember, it normally only takes 20 to 30 complaints to make a difference- for you and your kids!

Get Involved

Why bother to write a letter to the editor?

a) It easy to write: A letter-to-the-editor should be not more than 250 words.
b) It has a good chance of getting printed: The “Letters” section is the reader’s forum.
c) Letters have power in numbers: Even if your letter is not published, a flood of letters from the community cannot be ignored by any editor.

Common Violations of Media Objectivity and Journalistic Ethical Standards:

1) Did the story contain misleading definitions and terminology? Does the reporter use partisan language or emotional “buzzwords” e.g. Islamists, Islamic militants, Jihad/Jihadists, Muslim Extremists, Muslim Terrorists, Fundamentalists etc.

2) Imbalanced Reporting: Media reports frequently skew the picture by presenting only one side of the story.

3) Use of Unreliable Sources.

4) Did the reporter editorialize in what was supposed to be an objective news story?

5) Unreported News

6) Did the reporter fail to provide proper background and context?

7) Was key information missing (selective omission)?

8) Opinions Disguised as News

9) Inappropriate Photos

10) Pejorative Syntax and Grammar

11) Did the reporter use true facts to draw false conclusions?

12) Did the reporter distort the facts?


To comment on or counteract against any of the violations, use the following easy steps:
Note the title of the article/programme/radio show and the date and time of print/broadcast. Make a list of your objections and or comments.

Articulate in mind or in writing exactly what you wish to say as your comments/response. Firstly get in touch with the media outlet either by phoning or writing/faxing a letter. If you have phoned in, please note the name of the person whom you are talking to, the time of your call and the contents of your conversation. Be firm but polite in your complaints and do not let anger and emotions in throughout your discussions.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, call or write to your regional or National media regulatory body; include the details collected in step 1 above- and lodge a complaint with the duty officer, or complaint desk.

It would also be effective to actually write to the relevant media organization stating the programme/show title, date, time and reason for complaining and also mentioning the step 2 that you have taken above.

Finally, contact MPAC at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to report the case detailing the outcome of the steps (1-3 above) that you have already taken.



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