All of us must truthfully and honestly answer this question recalling that Allah knows all that is kept secret and all we announce; Is there a greater glory, or greater blessing, or greater gift bestowed on humanity than the Message of the Qur’an and its Messenger, Prophet Muhammad ()? What will we take with us and how humbling our presence will be in front of Allah when He asks us these questions and we are found lacking?

We want to live in peace in this world to worship our Creator and follow the teachings of our Prophet . Yet it is our fault, not anyone else, that today we are weak and fearful. The nations that are hostile to Muslims are simply following their interests as inhumane as they maybe, but it is US, us Muslims, who in our silence, passivity, and weakness have allowed them to rob us of our faith, land, honour, wealth, and dignity.

We have done little or nothing to educate oursleves and propagate the message of Islam, nor have we advanced our knowledge, our economies and applied our faith to our lives and governance. The wealth of oil, a blessing from God, has been squandered by the few for their selfish existence, power, and pleasure. We are stagnant while the world around us is moving rapidly. We’ve adopted the negatives of the western culture but not its work ethic, knowledge, economic competitiveness, administrative and organizational skills. Yet, on a daily basis we bury our dead and seek relief from the very nations that attack us rather than from ALLAH and our faith, our only real source of comfort and assurance of victory.

But as Muslims we must take pleasure that this is the last generations where Muslims can remain in apathy while they are demonized and attacked with impunity. And the pleasure is the knowledge that as an organization, MPAC is making a stand. A stand that it goes no further, insha Allah. We all must make a stand and we must make a stand today.

Nigeria MPAC is strongly active in developing long term relationships and understanding with other Islamic organizations by working closely together with them, thus building the correct network of links to ensure that we all deliver the best results for all and we are committed to high levels of standards and efficiency to achieve this. MPAC actively seeks to achieve its aims and objectives through Civic Projects, Community Outreach, Media Relations and Political Lobbying.



Say: “My Lord has guided me to a straight path, a well-founded, the religion of Ibrahim, a man of pure natural belief. He was not one of the associaters.” Say: “My prayer and my rites, my living and my dying, are for Allah alone, the Lord of all the worlds.” (Surat al-An’am, 161-162)



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