Welcome to the Internship page of MPAC Nigeria. Explore unlimited opportunities to develop and learn new skills.


We want to prepare you for the future.

We provide interns with the opportunity to develop their leadership, communication, and critical analysis skills. Interns will gain hands-on experience in policy, media, advocacy and community organizing. Our internship programme helps develop aspiring leaders who are committed to enriching Nigeria through the vital contributions of Nigerian Muslims.

Our interns receive the opportunity to develop and learn new skills and attend various meetings, conferences, and events that provide them with networking opportunities and much more. Their experience here not only supports their communities but it also prepares them for future careers. Click the Internships button above to apply.

Duration: Internships are for two-four months and can be renewed based on performance and need.

Will I get paid for this internship?

Unfortunately, we do not pay our interns. However, if an organisation or sponsor (parents or individuals) is willing to pay you through our internship, we can work it out. 

Do you provide housing or transportation?

We do not provide housing or transportation for interns. However, if you need help finding housing, please let us know.

I can't intern but I would really like to help out in any way possible. How can I get involved?

Use the contact form and let us know how you would like to help out! If there are any opportunities available, we’ll be sure to reach out. Be sure to include your location.