MPAC Engage Campaign!


MPAC Launches the ‘ENGAGE’ Campaign.

Monday, 10 September 2018.

The MPAC ‘ENGAGE’ Campaign aims to empower Muslims to engage and participate in the political and civic process in the country.

At the global level, the Muslim community is faced with different challenges. We have done little or nothing to educate ourselves and propagate the message of Islam, nor have we advanced our knowledge, our economies and applied our faith to our lives and governance. The wealth of oil, a blessing from God, is being squandered by the few for their selfish existence, power, and pleasure. We are stagnant while the world around us is moving rapidly. We’ve adopted the negatives of the Western culture but not its work ethic, knowledge, economic competitiveness, administrative and organizational skills. Yet, on a daily basis, we bury our dead and seek relief from the very nations that attack us rather than from ALLAH and our faith, our only real source of comfort and assurance of victory.

At home, we face faith-related discrimination, stereotyping, oppression and injustice. Discrimination in schools and at workplaces (and that’s even if you manage to be employed with a hijab or a beard!), denial of 10 minutes required to say your salat (when nobody blinks if you spent 4 times the time in the toilet or gossiping with your fellow workers).

Our nation needs more Muslim exemplars and visionary leaders to be in the position of power and work in cooperation with people of other faiths to lead and contribute to national development, national security, peaceful coexistence and make Nigeria take its rightful position in the comity of nations.

These problems won’t be solved by wishful thinking, and neither should we expect non-Muslims to solve them for us. You’re the one that knows where the shoe pinches so, you need to get up, speak out and get active.

The ‘ENGAGE’ campaign has two aspects,

  1. A campaign and mobilization to get as many Muslims of voting age to register, join political parties of their choice and aspire to political offices and;
  2. A structured programme to educate voters on how/why to engage with candidates and participate in the political process to obtain optimum representation and good for the society.

MPAC does not engage in partisan politics and this campaign is a programme to actualize our vision of Muslim political empowerment. Our organizational decisions will not be made improperly to influence politics. MPAC insists on honesty, fairness, integrity, trust and justice in the political process and will advocate for voters to vote for any candidate of their choice based on their conscience.

MPAC, Nigeria.