MPAC “Engage!” Campaign


MPAC Launches “Engage!” Campaign Phase 2.

Friday, 3o November 2018.


MPAC “Engage!” Campaign Banner


As the 2019 elections draw closer, we are launching the second phase of our MPAC ‘Engage’ Campaign aimed at promoting political participation and good governance.

The MPAC ‘ENGAGE’ Campaign aims to empower Muslims to engage and participate in the political and civic process in the country. To encourage the Muslim masses to educate themselves on the candidates, their political parties, manifestos, track records, and on the frontline issues that affect them specifically or generally, so they can make informed decisions about their choices and future.

You can read more about the campaign here

The first phase of our campaign was about the mobilisation for voter registration, so as to get as many Muslims of voting age to register, join political parties of their choice and aspire to political offices.

You can find the details here…/

In the second phase, we are going to take the public through voter’s education and encouragement in order to consider the most important issues that will provide a better future for Nigerians and secure our children’s future as well. This phase includes a structured programme to educate voters on how/why to engage with candidates and participate in the political process of the nation so as to obtain optimum representation and good governance.

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MPAC, Nigeria.