In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful



MPAC Mourns Passage of a Muslim VIP, Alh. Kola Animashaun

Friday 31,  May 2019
Lagos, Nigeria

At the Muslim Public Affairs Centre, we received with shock yesterday, the death of a doyen in journalism, Alhaji Muslim Kola Animashaun whose passage, although at a fulfilling age of 80 is also a personal loss to us as he was a grandfather of one of our very promising volunteers.

May Allah comfort his family and the entire Muslim community.

Alhaji Animashaun, the VOICE OF REASON, was truly a Muslim in life and death. He lived Islam to the end, as a just, fair, forthright, peace-loving, reasonable, peaceful and humble life. He affected his world with his knowledge and commitment to Islam.

He used his skills, as a distinguished journalist, to stand out in our convoluted polity, to present the voice of reason and beamed light to darkness.

His voice of reason is the reason many others disenchanted Nigerians developed faith in the nation.

He was a man gifted in logic, witty, simple but penetrating. He lived life like a saint, unaffected by the dazzles and trappings of material acquisitions, fulfilled or contented with what Allah blessed him with as a grateful Muslim.

As we know him, he was a man of devotion and deep conviction to righteous and benevolent causes.

Alhaji Kola Animashaun, with his gift of the pen to present the voice of reason, one of those who preached the survival of Nigeria was however not one to be bought over by power. He never abused his access to power because his intellectual and journalistic assets recommend to move in the circle of the high and mighty of the nation, those who control wealth and power. Baba never betrayed his spartan conviction nor was he derailed from the spirit of Islam in his modesty and simplicity, in the balance of worldviews and in his choice and circle of friendship in life.

He was an inspiration to our generation.

Alh. Animashaun will be remembered as one of the pioneers of the Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria (Association of Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria) in Lagos, which MPAC is today partnering with in the implementation of Project Muslim VIP, a media centred initiative to raise sound Muslim Voice, project the true identity or image of Islam and facilitate qualitative representation and participation of Muslims in public and global affairs.

The death of Alh. Animashaun within the last days of Ramadhan, an auspicious period in which falls the night of majesty, lailatulqadr is an indication of Allah’s acceptance of our inspiration in the media professionalism as a true servant of ALLAH.

Oh Allah, forgive Alh. Kola Animashaun. Have mercy on him and admit him into Aljannah Firdaus to abide in forever as a soul pleased with Allah and in whom Allah is pleased.

Inna Lilahi Wa Innah Ilehi Rajihun



Abdulwarees Solanke
Director, Media & Strategic Communications,
Muslim Public Affairs Center, Nigeria


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