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The Muslim community is faced with different challenges. We have done little or nothing to educate ourselves and propagate the message of Islam, nor have we advanced our knowledge, our economies and applied our faith to our lives and governance. The wealth of oil, a blessing from God, is being squandered by the few for their selfish existence, power, and pleasure. We are stagnant while the world around us is moving rapidly. We’ve adopted the negatives of the western culture but not its work ethic, knowledge, economic competitiveness, administrative and organizational skills. Yet, on a daily basis we bury our dead and seek relief from the very nations that attack us rather than from ALLAH and our faith, our only real source of comfort and assurance of victory.

Effectively Lobby Public Officials

Meeting with a public official is usually the best way to get your views across. It gives you a chance to get feedback and to respond to questions or concerns. If you plan to visit an official, call her or his office in advance to arrange an appointment. (If you do this a week or more in advance, you may want to call the day before to reconfirm.) Schedule conflicts may prevent the person from seeing you when you want, but try to negotiate a mutually agreeable time and date. Senate/House members are supposed to make themselves available for meetings in their constituency offices during the Senatorial constituency period, so ask your constituency representatives for appointments during that period. Ministers and other public officials are more likely to agree to meet you if you involve Mosque or reputable Islamic organization officials in your delegation.

Lobbying Tips For Muslim Student Executive

MPAC recognizes the potentials and strength in the Nigerian student constituency that will emerge if some of the Muslim organizations we have on campuses at the moment put aside petty differences, overhaul their main structures and administer their organizations in the manner that will enable them to become competitive and truly accountable to the Ummah in the society we live in today. A campus-based Muslim organization that is result-driven and community supported will be more beneficial and capable to serve the community that funds its activities. It is the responsibility of these organizations to invent ingenious ways to integrate Islamic values into the school life and work together with other Islamic organizations to facilitate the practice of Islam on campus.

How to Respond to Incidents of Discrimination in Schools – Advice to Parents

If students believe that other students, teachers, or school staff members are treating them in a discriminatory way based on their being Muslims, here are some steps which may remedy the situation. While not all prejudicial attitudes are overt, you must be able to cite specific words or actions which demonstrate anti-Muslim bias (negative references to Islam or Muslims). Otherwise, there is no proof which will persuade the objective observer. It is wise to keep detailed notes of such words and actions as they occur. Witnesses are also important, or else it often comes down to the word of one person against another.

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