The Savage Killing of Muslim Woman and Her Children In Anambra State

Tuesday, 24 May 2022 | 23 Shawwal, 1443 AH
IPOB Terrorists

The terrorist attack on an innocent Muslim woman in Anambra State on Sunday, 22nd May, 2022: the cold-blooded murder of the woman, the fetus in her womb, her four children and two others should once again, propel the threat of IPOB/ESN terrorism unto the top of the nation’s agenda. The killing of this innocent woman and her (unborn) children is a crime against humanity.

This terrorist act shows once again, that the Muslims living in the East, including the indigenous Muslim population of that region, face existential threats as a result of their faith and the tribal group that is randomly attributed to them.

Although the cruel faces of this terrorism will be punished by God in the hereafter, the government of Anambra State is responsible for stopping the perpetrators and dislodging the perception that it is helpless or sympathetic to their evil cause. Innocent people are being savagely killed and communities are being forced to hate each other, while drowning in blood. The cultic groups behind these acts of terrorism operate on a simple formula of NO MORALITY, NO COMPASSION and NO CONSCIENCE. Their aim is not to serve any just cause or redress any ancient injustice but to use violence and terror to impose their will on the region and the nation at large. The clearest proof of their wickedness and immorality is the savagery of killing people who have done no wrong.

Massacred Muslim Family in Anambra
Martyred HARIRA Jibril with her four slain children: Fatima 9 years, Khadija 7 years, Hadiza 5 years, Zaituna 2 years

The right of those killed in this manner is to get justice. And our right is to see that justice is done. In these senseless killings and others, we insist on these rights.

It is disheartening to see a near total media (print and electronic) blackout on this terrible tragedy, giving the impression that Muslim lives have price tags. The media houses that behave in this contemptible manner are showing themselves only as allies of the IPOB terrorists, and betraying their own bias in supporting barbarism and acts of violence. Possibly worse is the missing voices of leaders and elites from the region who are deafeningly quiet on these gruesome murders, but are on steroids when similar mindless killings happen in the North. It is a perversion of the meaning of justice and a source of trouble when the issue of terrorism and savage attacks on innocent civilians are politicized, tribalized or allowed to be overwhelmed by blinding enmity.

May God Almighty accept the poor victims of this act of terrorism as martyrs and grant patience to their families, friends and community.

God knows best how to deal with all radical, ideological and terrorist groups targeting the citizens. And those supporting them.

MPAC, Nigeria


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