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How To Help Palestine

Palestine has been under Israeli occupation for decades, resulting in a severe system of oppression, apartheid and humanitarian crisis. The occupation has led to the death and injury of millions of Palestinians, displacement of millions of Palestinians, and the situation remains dire for those who are still living in the Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. During this period of heightened levels of violence and hardship on the Palestinians, MPAC recommend the following as ways you can be of help:

Educate Yourself – The first step toward taking meaningful action to help Palestine is to educate yourself about the conflict and its root causes. Research and read about the history of the conflict, the current political situation, and the various cases of human rights abuse that have taken place. This will give you a better understanding of the issues at hand and help you identify the most effective ways to help.

Advocate for Change – Help Palestine by advocating for political change. Learn more about the Palestinian issue and lift up Palestinian voices. This can include writing to your elected representatives, signing petitions, organizing or joining protests and supporting political campaigns that call for end of occupation, promote peace and justice in the region. By using your voice to raise awareness about the issues facing Palestinians, you can help to bring about positive change.

Stay Informed and Engaged – It’s also essential to stay informed and engaged regarding the situation in Palestine today. Be careful about the sources you rely on for information as many mainstream media organizations are completely biased against the Palestinians and are in fact creating and spreading false stories and Israeli propaganda. Cross-check and double check information and be aware of the methods used by many mainstream media organizations to route sympathy away from the continue to advocate for change and take meaningful action to Israel’s government and businesses.

Support Palestinian Businesses – Another important way to help Palestine is by supporting Palestinian businesses and boycotting Israeli businesses. BDS is one movement building an economic boycott of Israel and developing effective campaigns against companies that participate in Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. International companies aid and abet Israel’s violations of international law, including by operating in illegal Israeli settlements and acting as contractors for the Israeli military and government. Hold corporations accountable for their role in violating the rights of Palestinians. You can find information relating to Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) online.D

Donate to Reputable Organizations – One of the quickest and most impactful ways to help Palestine is by donating to reputable organizations that provide humanitarian aid to Palestinians. Locally and abroad.



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