Myth Fact
The current conflict with the Palestinians is a threat to the existence of Israel. Terrorist actions have resulted in fewer fatalities and injuries than automobile accidents in the same period. If that is a threat to the existence of Israel, it needs to institute the death penalty for traffic violations.
Israel is a 6 million David against a 250 million Goliath. Israel is over two hundred atomic bombs to zero atomic bombs. According to Jane’s, Israel has the largest stockpile of chemical and biological weapons in the world and they are ready to use, not warehoused.
Palestinians have never complied with Oslo. Oslo assures Israel of defensible borders not more territory. One week after Oslo Israel said it would never give up Jerusalem which has nothing to do with defense. Israel has only complied with the first step of Oslo. Oslo set 1998 for the independence of Palestine. Israel refused to comply.
Palestinians do not recognize the right of Israel to exist. That is precisely what was done at Oslo. It is Israel which refuses to recognize the right of Palestine to exist.
The Palestinians broke off peace negotiations. Israel under Barak called for a pause in the negotiations to hold elections. Sharon won, Barak lost. Sharon declared Palestine had broken off negotiations. The ignorant media has repeated Sharon ever since.
The Palestinians rejected a generous offer at Camp David by Barak. At Olso Palestinians accepted Israel on 72% of Palestine, accepting only 28%. Barak’s offer was for Israel to keep nearly half of that 28% and not permit Palestine of have international borders. Still, the Palestinans continued negotiations. It was his election that Sharon declared Palestinians had rejected the offer.
Israel has always offered to give the Palestinians land in exchange fore peace. The land is not Israel’s to give.
The military occupation has nothing to do with the conflict. International law and custom since WWII has recognized the right of the people to resist military occupation by any means available. Even Israel admits it is a military occupation. Israel does not admit the lawful right of Palestinians to resist it.
Any concession or compromise while there is any violence is surrendering to terrorism. Israel’s refusal to comply with Oslo left Palestinians with resistance as its only tool.
Palestinians intend to bring down the state of Israel. If that is their intention sobeit. They have no tanks, aircraft, or artillery much less nuclear weapons like Israel. Lacking the ability to bring down Israel, Palestinians are being accused of having a bad attitude.
The settlements in the occupied territories exist only for the security of Israel. Israel has specifically stated the purpose of the settlements is to make it politically impossible to surrender the occupied territories.
Palestinian violence is the cause of all of the problems. Israel has murdered three times as many innocent Palestinians as those it claims to have killed because they were alleged terrorists.


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