Thursday, December 28, 2023 | 14 Jumadaa Thani, 1445 AH
Lagos, Nigeria


The Muslim Public Affairs Centre today condemned the latest round of killings in Plateau State, which claimed over 160 lives in senseless attacks across 20 communities of the state at the weekend.

This incessant cycle of violence between farmers and herders in this part of the country is a clear indication of a well-orchestrated campaign of terror with the likely aim of setting the state on a course of political, ethnic and religious turmoil.

Beyond the fashionable statements of condemnation issued by goverments on these killings of innocent Nigerians, what is left to be seen are effective policies to stop the escalating trend. Had our government truly been serious about protecting human lives and committed the necessary amount of resources toward ensuring that perpetrators of on-going killings of innocent civilians are caught and punished, this dangerous incident may not have happened. The bankruptcy and wrong-headendness of our internal security policies on which some of the state governments are sitting must finally be addressed and corrected in order to safe lives.

We therefore call on governments at different levels and the law enforcement agencies to do more in discharging their responsibilities and protecting lives of innocent citizens wherever they may be. Also, we call for swift investigations of the root causes of the incessant clashes between farmers and herders around the country, the latest tragic killings in Plateau State and other flashpoints of such clashes, including kidnapping and banditry, around the country that have plunged so many families into indescribable anguish.

No words can describe the horror and grief generated by the cold-blooded murder of so many innocent people, and our condolences are with the victims of the senseless attacks.


Disu Kamor
Executive Chairman
Muslim Public Affairs Centre

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