In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful



09 January, 2006


His Excellency,

Chief Olusegun Matthew  Obasanjo GCFR
President of the Federal Rep. of Nigeria,
Office of the President,
Aso Rock Villa, Asokoro District, Abuja.

MPAC Commends President Obasanjo’s Response During The Hajj Operations.

Muslim Public Affairs Centre, MPAC, commends the President of Nigeria, His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, for his determined efforts during the last hajj operations and for taking such great leadership in responding to the crisis of seeking timely airlifting of the intending hajj pilgrims. His actions, which are a repeat of similar actions last year during the airlifting of the intending pilgrims when he gave out his official aircraft, tell us that he really went over and above what are usually done in situations like these to help the victims of the hajj operations who must have been waiting all their lives for the moment to go on hajj. MPAC is pleased to note that the President, in these matters, has shown clear willingness to work closer with the Muslim community to help it solve its acute problems. We do hope that the courage and initiatives shown by the President at the time of the hajj flight disruptions will be extended to help the Nigeria’s Muslim community combat the scourge of economic and social biases it faces and as such make those values become a national trend amongst our political class in pursuit of increased dialogue with the faith communities in Nigeria. Such steps will increase brotherhood, communication and unity.

Nigeria’s Muslim leaders are faced with the challenge of finding ingenious and lasting solutions to the incessant cycle of disruptions during the hajj operations which goes beyond airlifting and which is, based on our deepest convictions, all man-made, unnecessary and avoidable problems. MPAC looks upon allowing the current situation to continue, a situation invoked with a relatively low threshold, with deep concern. Tackling it with courage and sincerity is the least and immediate action required on the part of our leaders to show solidarity with the past and current victims of the hajj operations in Nigeria. Such benevolence and accountability are at the heart of Islam.

MPAC calls on all Nigerian Muslims to utilize this special occasion as an opportunity to work actively together to tackle the perennial problems of hajj operations in Nigeria and remove all types of disruptions that make hajj operations a torturous and dreadful event for the Nigerian Muslims.


Disu Kamor
Director of Media & Communications
Muslim Public Affairs Centre, MPAC

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