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MPAC Eid-ul-Fitr Message: We Are Grateful

Tuesday 4,  June 2019 | 1 Shawwal 1440AH
Lagos, Nigeria
MPAC Eid Message
Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah.
On the occasion of the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, the Muslim Public Affairs Centre wishes you and your family a blessed Eid marked by faith, prosperity and joy.
Taqabbal Allaahu minna wa minkum wa ahaalahu Allaah ‘alayka
(May Allaah accept (this worship) from us and from you and may you live to see another Eid)
Eid ul-Fitr, the Festival of Fast-breaking is the feast that concludes the month of fasting. (Fitr means to break and it, therefore, marks the breaking of the fasting period and of all evil habits). The holiday is a time for friendship and goodwill, a time for forgiveness and making amends and also a time of great joy, where children, communities and families come together and celebrate.
The ritual of observing fasts cleanses Muslims right from their soul. Observant Muslims refrain from food and drink from dawn to sunset during Ramadan, the month in Islam’s lunar calendar when the first verses of the Qur’an were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the 7th century.
The religion of Islam preaches respect for humanity, encourages universal brotherhood and peace and inspires the rest of the world to be whole-heartedly devoted to God Almighty alone. Eid ul-Fitr is a festival that puts forward these same teachings and celebrates them.
MPAC, therefore, calls upon Nigerian Muslims to use this special occasion as an opportunity for being good role models in our society, in accordance with the prophetic model; care for the orphans and widows, to assist those afflicted by tragedy and help the less privileged in the society.
The days of Eid should be special days for the entire family and more so for the younger children. Indeed, we will miss Ramadan as no other month is full of blessings such as Ramadan for we benefit from it during the days of fasting, during its night of worship and even for months beyond.
We like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you that donated towards MPAC campaigns during Ramadan. May Allah ﷻ reward you abundantly in this life and the Hereafter. Ameen.
We pledge to be accountable, transparent and ensure greater efficiency in delivering Muslim Public service on behalf of you all as we seek your greater involvement and participation in our programmes and projects aimed at facilitating a better understanding of Islam in the public sphere.
With our Project Muslim VIP, we aim to raise a stronger Muslim Voice, project the noble identity of Islam and facilitate qualitative representation and participation of Muslims in public and global affairs.
We are certain of your close collaboration.
May our acts of worship and religious holiday be blessed. And may the blessings of the Almighty be with the entire Islamic world. We pray that God Almighty consolidates all the gains of Ramadan in our lives and bless our nation with an increased spirituality, a renewed hope in humanity and an unwavering commitment to justice and truth, amin.
Abdulwarees Solanke
Director, Media & Strategic Communications,
Muslim Public Affairs Center, Nigeria

Zakatul-Fitr & `Eid

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