MPAC’s Letter of Consolation and Appreciation

to New Zealand Prime Minister

Monday, 01 April  2019.

31st March, 2019.

Her Excellency
Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern,
Prime Minister.
New Zealand.

Dear Madam,


We wish to express our utmost shock at the mindless murder of innocent worshippers in mosques in Christchurch city by two terrorists during the Friday prayer on 15 March 2019. We share in the pain and misery of the Muslim community in New Zealand and the entire people of New Zealand who came together in strong spirit of unity and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their Muslim co-citizens in revulsion and absolute rejection of Islamophobia and hate. Our solemn prayers are with the victims, the injured, their families and loved ones and indeed the entire people of New Zealand. Please accept our deepest condolences and we pray that God Almighty will reward your courage and kindness. May God grant your nation peace and security, amen.

The entire team of the Muslim Public Affairs Centre, MPAC, is particularly happy and praise your courage and leadership when you came out with one of the most forceful denunciations of Islamophobia on record, and deliberately called for a global campaign against hate. Your exemplary role and leadership during this major terrorist attack will remain a beckon of hope for those aspiring to see courageous leadership in a world that is increasingly witnessing indiscriminate bloodshed, extremism and far-right radicalism. It is clear to see that the intention of those terrorists who planned and carried out the despicable acts of terrorism against the Muslim community of New Zealand have come to naught. Surely, the people of New Zealand, under your leadership, have shown strong spirit, genuine compassion and true commitment to peaceful co-existence. By actions and words, you have demonstrated that acts of indiscriminate violence, acts of hate or terror attack targeting a faith community, even if they are a minority, cannot be tolerated. Your example has become the model for others currently in the position of power and it will serve as an inspiration to many generations to come.

Madam, as we wish you long life and more meritorious services to your nation and humanity, we pray that God Almighty will unite all your citizens on goodness, cure the hearts of the hate cultists and give us peace, love, justice, security and prosperity everywhere.

Please convey our heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the families of the bereaved, the injured and the Muslim community of New Zealand.

Yours truly,

Disu Kamor
Executive Chairman,
Muslim Public Affairs Centre (MPAC), Nigeria.

Also, see the response from the New Zealand Embassy attached below.

New Zealand Embassy response to MPAC letter