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Monday, 04 June 2012


MPAC Sympathizes with the Nation on the Death of Air Crash Tragedy Victims 
(Lagos, 04 June, 2012) The Muslim Public Affairs Centre (MPAC) sends heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the ill-fated DANA aircraft which crashed on Sunday 3rd June, 2012. This accident is a great and monumental national tragedy that has left most Nigerians with a sense of helplessness. It is not only the victims’ families that are affected by this monumental tragedy but in a different way, the nation is in the grips of fear of avoidable plane crashes that are becoming a regular occurrence leading to loss of confidence in the nation’s aviation industry.


We sympathise with our brothers and sisters whose loved ones were involved and pray that God Almighty grant them the will and fortitude to deal with the loss and the fate. Seeing the devastation of the crash will provide an opportunity for Nigerians to come together, and reflect on the sufferings of countless families and how their sufferings touch and affect us all.

MPAC calls on the government of President Goodluck Jonathan to see this very sad event as a turning point in its management and monitoring of air travel safety in particular and transportation safety in general.  We urge the government to ensure an independent and thorough investigation is carried out immediately to ascertain the causes of the crash and how to avoid similar incident in the future. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority must review its policies to ensure that the industry incorporates and actually implements stringent guidelines and that airlines comply with the highest industry standards to protect our airspace.

MPAC urges all Nigerians not to despair and to make special prayers for the safety and security of our country and to give generously to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis emerging as a result of the air crash. 



Disu Kamor
Director of Media and Communications
Muslim Public Affairs Centre, MPAC
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