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Repeated and Continuous Cases of Victimisation of Students in Hijab in Lagos State Public Schools.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018.


Earlier today, Wednesday, November 21, it was reported that the teachers of Araromi Senior High School, Sari-Iganmu went on a rampage by sending all hijab-wearing students out of the school.

After much intervention, the principal, Mr Adeniji Oduntan, has directed all students willing to use hijab to commence usage henceforth. He, however, stated that the LASG circular is yet to get to the school but the students are allowed to use hijab if they wish so.

The report further states that there is still resistance from school VP and the three teachers involved in the crisis. At present, all affected students have been allowed into their classes.

Credit: Ojo Medialine


Hijab-wearing Students of Araromi Senior High School, Sari-Iganmu denied entry into the school

Also, there were other reports from the Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative regarding Oregun junior and senior high schools where the Management allegedly removed hijab on student’s heads. They were also at Kosofe senior High school, where they were able to maintain that the students should be allowed to use their hijab following the circular sent to all Lagos state schools to that effect.

Despite the Lagos state circular passed two weeks ago, it is evident that there are repeated and continuous cases of victimisation of students in hijab. It is to our surprise and disappointment that some principals in the state are yet to present the circular on the hijab to their schools, thereby putting many of the students and teachers in the dark. We believe such an act may have malicious intent.

We hereby appeal to the Lagos State government once again to secure the constitutional rights of the students and enforce its own directive. To demonstrate this, erring principals and teachers must be held accountable to avoid contempt of the court for the rights of these students to use the hijab while in school uniform has been upheld by the Court of Appeal.

MPAC Nigeria.

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