The Islamic Fiqh Council adopted in its eighth session 27 Rabi’ II – 8 Jumada, 1405 AH (1985) its 4th decision, and in its ninth session 12–19 Rajab 1406 AH (1986) its 5th and 7th decisions. These decisions state that:

‘The beneficiaries of zakat include “for serving God’s cause” which is very flexible. As such, it is permissible to spend zakat funds for such activities as advocacy of Islam, and for social institutions that advocate and defend Islam and present it to people.”

A prominent Islamic scholar and senior lecturer at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Shaykh Ahmad Kutty, states that it is not only permissible, rather it is also imperative that zakat is given to organisations that are providing a most timely and essential service for the cause of Islam and Muslims. Shaykh Kutty further said: “Supporting such institutions clearly falls under the legitimate objectives of zakah as expounded by authentic scholars and jurists of Islam, both of the past and the present.”

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