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Continuous Victimisation of Muslim Students in Hijab.

Friday, 5 July 2019.

Bigotry: Remove Your Hijab or Stay Out of Class!

Teaching religious intolerance at the International School Ibadan (ISI), Oyo State.

Above is a video exposing the continuous victimisation of young girls in the hijab.

This a recent update on the continuous denial of the Muslim Students’ right to wear the Hijab at ISI.

Our educational Institutions are there to educate not to misinform, to guide not to misguide, to teach tolerance and inclusion, not discrimination and exclusion. Without a doubt, this case smacks of anti-Muslim sentiments and the provocative remarks and public comments of the protagonists of the push to see Muslim girls in hijab excluded have been based not on sound intellectual arguments but on classical Islamophobia.

We implore the relevant authorities to respect the rule of law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that permits every citizen regardless of his or her age to practice his or her religion without prejudice, intimidation or discrimination.

MPAC has zero tolerance for any and all acts of discrimination or hostility against the hijab in our schools and we shall never relent in our fight against attacks on hijab by anyone.

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ISI has no written regulation banning Hijab, only persecutes innocent Muslim girls due to hatred for Islam-Muslim News Nigeria

Our Hijab Heroines that were sent out of school for wearing the Hijab

There is nowhere in the school’s regulations where the use of the Hijab on the school uniform is prohibited. The Muslim community challenge ISI, Ibadan to quote the school regulations that prohibit the Hijab.

Muslims are law-abiding citizens and the Nigerian constitution guarantees the fundamental rights of our wards to use the Hijab on their school uniforms.

The school regulations, especially section 7, sub-section i-vi under the tag: ‘uniform and appearance’ is explicit enough for anyone to understand. There is nowhere the use of the Hijab is prohibited. Let the school show the world where it is written.

There are two Court of Appeal judgments affirming that the use of the hijab is a fundamental right in Nigeria under the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, hence the management of the institution should desist from denying our wards the right to use the Hijab in the school.

See copies of the regulation here.


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